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The smartdirector facilitates two-way communication between the smartengine installation and external building management system (BMS) applications. To enable BACnet service, you need to configure BACnet parameters on the smartdirector.

Enabling BACnet service
  • Navigate to the Commission System application in smartmanager and select the BACnet tab under the System Settings section.
  • You must configure a unique device identifier for the smartdirector. This is the identifier used to other BACnet systems to communicate with the smartdirector.
  • BACnet uses TCP port 47808 by default. You can configure the system to use a different port if that is what your BACnet systems are using.
  • There are few optional settings that identify the sensor data and other controls with custom names. Consult your BACnet systems administrators to see if it is required to be set.
  • Once the parameters are configured, you may restart the service by enabling it through the smartmanager.

After enabling the BACnet service on smartdirector, you may communicate with it through your BACnet building management system by doing the following:

  1. On your BMS, add the smartdirector to the BACnet network by locating it by its device ID. You can use device discovery to locate it.
  2. Add smartengine system objects using BMS object discovery.

You may take advantage of BACnet protocols change of value support in smartdirector to monitor changes to the object values.


The smartdirector and BACnet devices are expected to be in same IP subnetwork, unless the subnets already have a BACnet Broadcast Management Device (BBMD). If the IP networks are different, please make sure you have BACnet routers (BBMDs) and infrastructure available and configured for the BACnet communication to work over multiple networks.

Supported Objects (set points)

The smartdirector supports a number of different objects. Some of these are unique to each location and others are unique to each fixture (sensor).

ObjectUnitPrecisionValue range (write)Per LocationPer FixtureType
Ceiling TemperatureCelsius (°C)10E-2 (centi-)N/AYesNoAnalog Input
TemperatureCelsius (°C)10E-2 (centi-)N/ANoYesAnalog Input
Room TemperatureCelsius (°C)10E-2 (centi-)N/AYesNoAnalog Input
Quiet TimeSecond (s)10E0N/AYesYesAnalog Input
PowerWatt (W)10E-3 (milli)N/AYesYesAnalog Input
Scene SelectionN/AN/A0,1,2,…,nYesNoAnalog Output
Unscheduled EventN/AN/A0,1,2,…,nNoNoAnalog Output
OccupancyBooleanN/ATrue or FalseYesNoBinary Input
BrightnessPercentage (%)N/A0-100YesYesAnalog Input, Output
Indoor Air QualityNumber10E-2 (centi-)N/AYesNoAnalog Input
CO2PPM10E-2 (centi-)N/AYesNoAnalog Input
VOCPPM10E-2 (centi-)N/AYesNoAnalog Input
PressurePascal10E-2 (centi-)N/AYesNoAnalog Input
HumidityPercentageN/A0-100YesNoAnalog Input

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