Completing commissioning

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Completing commissioning

The final step in the commissioning process is a walk through to validate that all fixtures are correctly assigned to locations, and policies are operating as expected. Once you are satisfied with the operation of the installation you may download commissioning reports as a baseline for future reference.

Walk Through

The walk through of a site or space is performed to verify that the installation is functioning as expected. During the walk through, you check every location to make sure all the lights, wall controllers and other end points are operational.

Walk Through Checklist

  • Do the fixtures turn ON based on motion detection by the smartsensors?
  • Is the light level adequate and in-line with the commissioned policies?
  • If daylight harvesting is in use, adjust the external light source (using blinds or windows) to ensure that all parts of the space are adequately lit.
  • Is the occupancy mode and timeouts being adhered to correctly?
  • Check any installed wtec smartdimmers and/or scene controllers to ensure that all buttons are operating as expected.
  • Note all anomalies for further review using the smartmanager software.
  • Based on what was seen in the manage devices application view, is the information consistent with the walk-through?

Commissioning Reports

The smartmanager may be used to download useful summary of the installation as a set of csv files. These include:

  • Fixtures Report - a csv file listing all the smartengine end points in the installation with complete details such a name, serial number, locaton, engine, port and others.
  • Event Policy Report - a csv file listing all the events and policies configured in each location including their details.
  • Engines Report - a csv file listing all the engines that are part of the installation including their details such as networking configuration.

You may download these reports from the Diagnostics section of the Manage System application in the smartmanager. 

Save the above reports with the system's configuration file, the site's marked up reflected ceiling plan (RCP), the patching matrix etc., to complete the necessary information needed for future use. 

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