Release Notes 5.5.0

Modified on Tue, 26 Sep 2023 at 08:34 AM

Release 5.5.0

New Features and Enhancements

  1. Updates to the smartmanager to migrate legacy manage system features into the smartmanager. Refer to Manage System for details of the new functionality.
  2. Virtual Fixtures support for partition sensors to reconfigure rooms with partitions. For more detail refer to the following:

  3. Environmental monitoring - new indoor environment quality metrics are shown on the dashboard and the view reports applications when the capable devices are installed.

  4. BLE (Bluetooth low energy) beacon support with APIs.
  5. Security Enhancements

    • Digitally signed images
    • Increased validation on the backend for requests from UI.
    • Safeguards against Cross Site Request Forgery and clickjacking
    • Content Security Policy settings in HTTP headers

New Hardware Support

  1. New 5 Button Wall Switch with integrated environment sensor
  2. Bluetooth low energy beacon enabled sensor

Bug Fixes

The following issues were fixed.

  1. Flashlight commissioning issues in smartmanager could render the fixtures being not available in any of the locations.
  2. Fixture views were rendered with stale information by smartmanager in certain situations. For example, moving a fixture from one location to another may not update both locations in some cases.
  3. In smartmanager floorplan editing, in certain cases the location tree would not be available when trying to map a second location after one has been assigned.
  4. The dialog to configure multi button switches cannot be scrolled to the bottom on a low resolution display.
  5. When motion sharing was configured with shutoff mode and/or scenes in a location, certain timing race conditions would result in inconsistent light levels.
  6. A clustered engine may not get updated configuration from director after a network wide outage affecting multiple cluster members. A network switch reboot could result in a timing related race condition that would result in this situation and potentially causing lights to behave inconsistently within a location.
  7. The engine and fixture alarms were not getting cleared after the removal and deletion of the engine/fixture from the cluster.
  8. The event policy report download failed for certain configuration settings caused by a specific sequence of operations.
  9. In some cases, the disconnected fixture count incorrectly showed more fixtures than those that could be deleted.
  10. The shutoff time settings displayed interval in seconds instead of minutes, in the list view for events and policies for a location under commission system.
  11. Update the fixture model update to account for custom fixture models that did not map to any generic fixture model.
  12. The override functionality in control lights application would not take effect if the on light level is set to 0.

Open Issues

  1. Under commission systems in floorplans section, uploading a new floorplan image to replace an older image may not be seen unless the browser cache is refreshed.
  2. The ability to merge multiple clusters into a single cluster is not available in smartmanager
  3. MQTT API for environmental sensor incorrectly publishes data to locations that do not have the sensor, if the sensor was part of the location earlier, but has been moved out.
  4. Change Of Value (CoV) subscriptions in BACnet fail if there are too many open subscriptions active at the same time.

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