Floor Plans

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Floor Plans

A floor plan based view is a more intuitive way to visualize and interact with the smartengine installation, as you monitor the system and perform typical occupant actions such as adjust light levels.

The smartmanager provides a View Floor Plan application to provide this capability. It is a licensed feature and requires additional software license.

Getting started with Floor Plans
  • Navigate to the Commission System application and select the Floor Plans section.
  • Upload the Floor Plan Software License that you received from your smartengine sales representative.
  • You are now ready to upload floorplans, configure them, and then use it for visualization.

You must first upload floorplans for the floors or sections of the building that you want to visualize on floor plans. You must identify the locations and fixtures in that part of the installation. The smartmanager provides you an intuitive interface to perform these tasks and set up your floor plans so that you can then visualize data and interact with the floor plans using the View Floor Plans application.

Configuring Floor Plans

You can configure and set up floorplans using the Floorplans section of the Commission System application. Here are the tasks that you need to complete for each floor or section of the building for its floorplan to be usable:

  • Upload a floorplan file (pdf or image file) and associate it with the entity representing that floor or section in the location tree. All locations and fixtures under that entity in the location tree can now be set up over that floorplan view.
  • Click on the floorplan item to open the floorplan image so that you can edit it.
  • If you have not configured the location tree yet, then you can load the information about the fixture connections and the locations where they terminate using the action to Add Locations and Fixtures.
  • You can click the button next to each location in the side navigation to add it to the floorplan. This creates a placeholder rectangle shape that you may then edit using the visible controls to update its shape and position it on the floorplan. When you are satisfied with the shape and its position, you may save it as a location.
  • Clicking on location automatically places all known fixtures (or connection placeholders if you loaded that from a spreadsheet). You may then position the fixtures over floorplan based on where they are physically located in the room.
  • While all the actions above can be completed offline, the final step involves verifying the actual fixture against the entity on the floorplan. You may also use the blink feature to check your fixture.
  • Once you are satisfied with all the locations and their fixtures on the floorplan, you are ready to work on the next floorplan entity.


If you make any changes to the location tree or move fixtures outside the floorplan, you should visit the floorplan section above to make sure that the information presented on the floorplan is correct and make any adjustments necessary.

Viewing Floor Plans

You can view the floorplans using the View Floorplans application in smartmanager. You can select the location from the location tree in the side navigation, and the floorplan containing the location is presented.

The locations are color coded to reflect their occupancy status -- green is unoccupied, the red colors shades reflect time since last motion.

You may click on a location to see its fixtures. Double click will show you details of the location sensor data, as well controls to tune lights. Double clicking a fixture presents the sensor data reported by the fixture.

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